I Need More Fiber

This Saturday found me at a Medieval Fiber Arts event near Memphis. There were classes and display tables, vendors and an abundance of talk about… well fiber arts. For all of you non-artsy types, this includes things like, paper making (linen, cotton), weaving of all types, spinning, sewing, silk painting and so much more. There were over 20 classes to choose from and everyone was at a fever-pitch trying to squeeze it all in, but the best part of this event was the costuming. These are not just your average Renaissance Festival carnies, this is the real deal. These people put their heart and soul into their garb and are proud as peacocks to walk around showing it off. They research every detail, comb area thrift stores and hobby shops looking for the perfect fabric and accessory for there “persona”. Hell, I’ve known some of these peeps to carve their own buttons. What is a persona you ask? Well, this the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) the time period would be pre-seventeenth century, from many different countries. It took me a while to realize that the Medieval times did not just occur in England. Duh?

Everyone in the club also has a name for their persona. I still don’t know a lot of these people’s real names and we have been going to these things for 20 years! My SCA name is Sterling and I try to make Turkish garb. I am not serious about the fabric or anything else about the SCA, and usually just grab stuff out of my closet. I chose the Turkish garb because it doesn’t show a lot of skin, and it looks like a circus…. um… exactly like my regular clothes. Perfect.

Today was a huge success for the “Candlemas” event and the players came from far and wide to participate. At day’s end, there is always a feast, made by a mighty kitchen crew, who take great pains to make authentic food served on wooden trenchers with at least 5 removes

There were Squires, Scribes and Scholars, oh my! Lords, Ladies and some beefy guys in the parking lot with swords. No lack of excitement at this event.

My Optimum Life plan is to live life to it’s fullest and while it might have been dreamy to sleep in today, I am so glad I went and learned a thing or two. I know that sometimes you just gotta rest, but overall I am always happier that I put in the effort to do something rather than miss out. I always enjoy learning new things and catching up with old friends. Get up, get out and do something with your day, and if you are feeling a little sluggish… all you need is MORE FIBER!

Author: redshoelifetransformation

Life and Wellness Coach, Author, Motivational Comedian

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