Red Hot Mama

During my continued search for a Red Shoe Life Transformation in every aspect of my life, I tend to weigh my options for activities very carefully.  I look for positive change and purpose in every thing I do,  which would normally be a wonderful thing.  Sometimes, however,  I am looking for the better choice so hard that I get frustrated.  I want change to happen NOW and I am impatient for a revelation.   No matter how hard I look for success, some days I just have to accept a tiny little triumph.   Transformation is  my goal, of course, but I find that there are  very large parts of each day that are spent just doing boring, menial stuff.  Yes, weed-wacking the yard might be rewarding, but you know it is only temporary… not really life altering.  I am positive that power washing the deck might bring happiness to my habitat, but it is short lived.  I am looking for something so much more.

So, it was with a leap of joy, the singing of taps and one final salute from the family that  the 18 year old charcoal grill took the journey to its final resting place.  Parked in the lineup at the curb along with all of our other gifts to the Gods of Garbage it stood loud and proud on it’s  three remaining legs. It was a bitter sweet farewell, as I turned my back on an old… old friend.  My mind already drifting to the images of a shiny new replacement.  Is that bad??  My eyes welled up with tears as the thoughts of summer meals being prepared without rust chips or wasp nests rolled through my mind.  This was a long time coming, and was definitely going to be life-changing.

Yes, the old girl had stood by me even when I brought home the new model from a Kroger closeout sale.  I’m sure she got a good laugh when a giant slab of ice slid off the roof, taking out part of the new siding and flattening my new flame forever.  I never even got a chance to try it out.  So we held on for another season, and another, patching our Holey Smoker with heavy duty aluminum foil when she starting setting the patio on fire from hot embers falling from her nether regions.  Apparently we were waiting for the right moment to let her go.

Sentimental or not, enough was enough.  She had lived a long and purposeful life and we felt that she deserved to go to that Weber Wonderland in the sky.  I unloaded all of the grilling knick-knacks (which will also be departing) and hinted really hard that the time had come.

So with a freshly power washed spot on the patio, my hot mitts are ready for a trip to the Bass Pro Shop next weekend.  It may not be a huge moment in the transformation of my backyard, but I have faith my new grilling girl will be just as loyal and possess the power to transform me into a Red Hot Mama!

Author: redshoelifetransformation

Life and Wellness Coach, Author, Motivational Comedian

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