Finishing the Year Strong


It truly has been a long time since I posted to my Red Shoe Life Transformation Blog.  It  wasn’t because I didn’t have stuff to chat about, it was in fact because things just haven’t been very Red Shoe lately.  I really felt it wouldn’t be right to post about being all positive and motivational, when I was going around wanting to punch out most everybody.  I hate it when things don’t go my way and I was sure you guys didn’t want to hear about it.  It wasn’t until lately when someone asked me why they hadn’t seen my Blog, and I started telling them that I was feeling like such a shit.  They said “Deb!  People want to know that you are REAL, and you need to show them how to deal with the REAL crap!”  Well…  here it is.

Guys, shit happens and then you die. I have been in a perpetual holding pattern on so many of my projects that I was certain I could accomplish, that I started to get really frustrated.  I am amazed how hard I have to fight to just do the simplest thing, when it seems effortless for others.  After my huge pity-party, I decided to push ahead and finish what I started.

Sure, I could continue to be a big cry baby, and start to sue contractors left and right, fight with unprofessional pool people and unbelievably untalented hardwood floor installers, but I would rather just suck it up buttercup.  They know who you are, and I feel sorry for them.

Despite the house BS,  I have had a pretty good start to my transformation.  There is no tellin’ what I could have accomplished if all of my furniture wasn’t in a POD, or I could use my front door.  Yeah, they may have taken my money, wasted untold vacation days and hurt my health by causing me stress and not being able to do rehab in my pool, but in order for me to truly be a new person, I have to think about divine intervention.  There are all kinds of people that we will meet in our lives and it is not our responsibility to make them “do the right thing”   I know that karma is a bitch and with or without me…. they will get what they deserve, so let’s move on 🙂

As you can see by my photos, I’ve been kicking ass with my KETO diet.  I am approximately half way through with my weight loss journey at 50 pounds down, and have now started exercising (yuk).  Now that I am blogging again, I will post about upcoming challenges and changes in the KETO menus and intermittent fasting.

I know my work team will laugh when I tell you what happened yesterday ….  I was dancing around while waiting for the elevator, and in one embarrassing swoop, my slip fell right off.  I have seen this on funniest videos… and I can tell you.. it is truly hilarious!  Fifty pounds can do funny things to your wardrobe and I have had to buy a few temporary things to wear to work.. apparently, a new slip is in order.  Glad it wasn’t my skirt. Haha!

I hope you have enjoyed reading the blog this year, and will continue following me as I plug along through the rest of my journey.  You’ve got a few days left to cross off as many things as you can on your 2017 “to do” list.  Go for it!  Dust off your Red Shoes and finish the year strong!


Author: redshoelifetransformation

Life and Wellness Coach, Author, Motivational Comedian

One thought on “Finishing the Year Strong”

  1. Mom! One of your “projects” should be doing this blog more often so we can read more! What has helped me to be able to maintain consistency is to ALWAYS HAVE 1-3 habits every day. Once you lose those, you can’t handle anything. I worry about those first then worry about adding more once those have been addressed every single day. Love you!


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