This is Me!

While I was riding down the interstate recently, I started looking at the crap that everyone has stuck to the back of their vehicles.  They love their dogs, their kids, their Salt Life and apparently that cartoon with the guy pissing on everything is quite poplar. That is all good,  but I really wouldn’t want any of that on the rear of my Mini.

I started thinking about it.  What would I put on the back of my car, if I were to pick out something that I wanted everyone to know about me.  After some thought, I decided it was easier to figure out what I DIDN’T want.   I definitely wouldn’t want anything political, religious or advertise where I lived and one thing is for sure, I wouldn’t put a vinyl stick family on there, even if I could (too many kids, hahaha!!)

Then I really got thinking…  I have no idea WHAT I represent enough to put it out there in public.  It seemed that I spend all of my time representing things that OTHER people care about.  My family used to be Steelers fans, before the current issues, and I used to pretend to get all excited about who would win, but honestly, I don’t even like football.  I certainly cheer for the University of Memphis Tigers, but it’s my kids that went there, not me.  I also support the scouts, the Air Force, and the Air National Guard, but once again, that’s not me that did those things…  Rah Rah Rah…  sideline cheer leader.

So what would I put on my rear  of my beloved Mini that would let the world know I’m all about?  After careful consideration, I finally came up with this…

A Tai Chi sticker on the left, a sheep decal on the right and a red high heel shoe right in the center.  Check it out world.  This is me!


Author: redshoelifetransformation

Life and Wellness Coach, Author, Motivational Comedian

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