Toe Job Update


Maisie Moonbeam has been keeping things under control by holding down the couch and making sure no crumbs hit the floor.  She has been at my side the entire time and seems quite concerned for her mom.  Maggie, the Sheepdog, on the other hand, remains unaffiliated and has tried everything she could to block the scooter.


With all things considered, I’m feeling a bit better, though boredom is starting to set in.  I had a great list of things to do while I was at home, but dang I am crazy dizzy (haha more than normal) and it is hard to feel motivated.

My plans to finish writing my book continues on schedule, the posture challenge for September is grueling on wards and I am slowly creeping toward the 50 lb. weight loss mark, so not doing too badly.   Sometimes my goals seem very far away, but I try to think about how far I have come.  The foot thing has been more of a pain in my ass, than in my toe, and that is mainly due to great meds and a lumpy coach.  I try to look at it as taking control of my issues rather than sitting around whining that things aren’t going my way and sometimes I gotta look at the end result rather than what’s going on at the moment.  Yeah, missing the twin’s marching band show yesterday sucked, but with my new bionic toe, I can be assured I will be able to flip burgers in the concession stand for the rest of the season without pain.  Go Tigers!

Looking forward to being back at work on Monday, I think, and moving ahead with my next Red Shoe Life Challenge! Many thanks to everyone who took up the slack while I’ve been out! Smooch !  See you soon.


Author: redshoelifetransformation

Life and Wellness Coach, Author, Motivational Comedian

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