Hay There!

It’s Saturday, so you know that means “Woman vs Wild” home improvement projects are hot on the menu!   The twins and I were out planting Fall stuff in the raised garden this morning and decided to clear some crap out the barn.  We ran into a bunch of freakin’ wasps, but otherwise it was a great yard day.  Kellen shot this weirdo video and it cut off before I finished, or he “accidentally” deleted me…  he’s 17, I’m sure he’d rather be doing just about anything else today besides videoing his mother.  Enjoy the clip, but know, we eventually got the old hay outta there and spread it around in the garden between the beds for weed control.

I often wonder, if anyone else is wondering, what the hell does organizing my house have to do with my quest to lose 100 pounds.  Well, my quest is not really just about weight loss and getting fit. Although I have promised my ladies at work that I will buy a leopard print cat suit for Happy Hour when I reach my goal, there is a bigger picture.  This entire year has been slated for me to give my absolute best to becoming my absolute best.  My quest is about relationship improvement, intellectual stimulation, career goals, getting a grip on my finances, creativity, getting outside of my little box and many other facets of my life.  With that said, the whole re-organization of my house and obtaining power over all of the home repairs from hell is necessary to get control over all of the other areas. For example:  It would be easier to work on the relationship with friends and family, if I had more confidence in inviting them over.   I usually end up in a tizzy trying to fill a dumpster before anyone can sit down.  Sure my real friends don’t mind a mess, but I would rather spend all of my attention on my friends than worrying about knitting a sweater with the dog hair on the couch.  In my opinion, I won’t be completely “transformed” until my days are stress-free and I can exert my energies in the above categories in a focused and productive way without flinging myself on the floor in a New York tantrum.  So, could I lose 100 pounds and still not be able to find two matching socks anywhere in the house?  Yes, but I would probably gain it all back because I’d still be the same old unorganized woman with moldy hay in her barn and messy closets!  In order to lose 100 pounds and keep the weight off, I have to change all the things that caused me to gain it in the first place.  So until that time, the “Woman vs Wild” will continue.

So Red Shoe Lifers, it’s time to make your list of projects, organize your goals, plan to have your own “Hay Day” and  stop “forkin’ around”.  (ok city friends, I’m referring to my pitch fork”

BTW, if you need help with all of the above, I’d be glad to get you started.  Email: Redshoelifetransformation.com.


Author: redshoelifetransformation

Life and Wellness Coach, Author, Motivational Comedian

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