Locked Up

Jail For many reasons, my creative side has been held hostage for some time now and I have been allowing stress to get the better of me.  I used to have the wildest ideas for parties and events while I slept, but even that has been a roller coaster of insomnia and restless nights.  Being creative is one of my best qualities and I just don’t feel like myself unless I have something arts and crafty going on.

As you know, I try to follow my own advice, so when things started to fall apart, I had to shake it up… try something else.   I just couldn’t stand how “oatmeal” things had become and I knew I had to make some changes.  As I have a million creative paths to choose, and being my typical self I was in a tizzy trying to figure out which way to go….Music? Art? Dance? Maybe I could put paint on the floor and make a mural with my feet while I Tango??

Finally, I decided to start small and bust out of my creative cell by grabbing a bunch of paint and cardboard and created a Wild West Jail.  I then devised a plan to arrest our beloved Maintanence Tech., Baby Face James, and set up a Bail Bond table where we managed to raise almost $500 for Alzheimer’s Disease in only 30 minutes.  Ahhhh…It felt good.  I hadn’t painted anything in a long while, and it really was so much fun.  It’s good to be back.

Red Shoe Lifers… get back to what you love to do most.  Grab your stuff, create a plan and make it happen, even if you have to call in the “Wack’tivity Posse” to post your Bail.  It doesn’t have to be big or perfect. Just start.  It feels so good to be free!

Author: redshoelifetransformation

Life and Wellness Coach, Author, Motivational Comedian

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