Wrap ‘Em Up!

As the Woman vs Wild house projects continue, I am starting to wonder if there is an end in sight.  Some of you know that I have been working on some major construction as well as my organizational flaws for some time now, and despite tantrums, threats and chaining myself to some equipment, I’ll be a damned if I can get these jack-wagons to do a lick of work.  Ah…. but I digress…

So, since it was raining today, and I have mostly finished the closet of Narnia, I decided to change tactics.  The closet of Narnia, as well as some other areas that I have been using a wrecking ball on, have some serious issues that prevent me from finishing my mission.  The problem is that there are things in these places that belong to people in my family other than myself, and therefore, there is a waiting period before final demolition!  After weighing with the temptation to play with my new YouTube Channel, I decided that today’s project would involve the deep dark abyss of my personal clothes closet.

This closet is in the oldest part of the house and is shaped like a wedge of cheddar.  There are racks behind racks and somewhere in the pointiest part, there are shelves from the 1920’s.  I tend to think that if you don’t look at it, it therefore does not exist, but Carpe Diem!

There are a million BLOG posts from this experience, some of which involve spiderwebs, but today I chose to write about wrapping paper.  Rolls and rolls of this expensive stuff shoved in the “way back” behind my third sewing machine and a Winnie the Pooh bean bag chair that hasn’t been used in almost two decades.   Hidden so deep only the bravest of night creatures could find them…. probably purchased from one of my kids to keep them from panhandling paper goods for the PTA on the street corners of Germantown .

Although I think a beautifully wrapped gift is something I would love to give, the truth is, I haven’t wrapped a gift since they invented the party bag.   Long gone are the days of my six kids being invited to dozens of birthday free-for-alls and the days of tearing through mountains of wrappings on Christmas morning.   How many  Friday nights did I searched for that perfect shade of Ninja Turtle green paper only to be “shredded” on Saturday morning, and OMG, let’s not forget the year I made my own wrapping paper and my mother-in-law offered to give me money for the “REAL” kind…  (Thanks a lot Martha Stewart!)

The logical thing to do here would be to throw it all away…..   ah but this is ME the hoarder we are talking about.  Tossing them would show a lack of creativity while taking the easy way out.  Where is the excitement in that? After long consideration (and this is how I got in this situation to begin with)  I have decided that instead of a grand heave-ho,  I will make it a challenge…..  *evil laugh*  Muuuuhaaaaa!

One of the facets of my Red Shoe Life Transformation has been about trying to get better at relationships and simultaneously gutting my house.  So, my challenge will be to pick out crap from around my house, decorate it all pretty, and give it to my friends and other unsuspecting victims.  Problem solved!  Now I don’t have to worry about what to do with all of my fondue sets and boxes of pink spongy curlers….  I’ll just wrap ’em up!

FullSizeRender (2)

Author: redshoelifetransformation

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