Aqua Ai Chi with Sensei Eliza Martin

IMG_1836Aqua Ai Chi is a slow and gentle water aerobic exercise that combines Tai Chi, Shiatsu and Watsu.  It is designed to improve flexibility, balance and core strength along with deep breathing.,


I first met Eliza Martin in a public pool in Midtown Memphis.  I was there with a 100 year old mermaid who found her fountain of youth each week while we paddled around in the pool.   Eliza invited us to join in her group and our story began.  From the stretching to the chanting, I was hooked.  My friend loved the class too and we excitedly attended each Monday!  As weeks went by, Eliza would show me postures and techniques beyond her regular teachings, which included a peek into the world of Watsu as well.  As you know, I am always searching for ways to improve my Rheumatoid Arthritis, and this was definitely working!

Eliza gives Ai Chi complete credit for her miraculous recovery from Fibromyalgia and Arthritis, and as you can see by her photos, she looks (and feels) more than 20 years younger than her 70 years of age!

Check out the first of two videos on You Tube!  or search “Deb Kornrumpf”.

If you are interested in learning more about Aqua Ai Chi, Peyow or Watsu, just comment below and I’ll hook you up with Sensei Eliza.

















Author: redshoelifetransformation

Life and Wellness Coach, Author, Motivational Comedian

2 thoughts on “Aqua Ai Chi with Sensei Eliza Martin”

  1. Heyyyy girrrl! We still need to get together! Gosh I’d love to join this class! Lemme know the deets! Btw…would love to get booked for another gig w/ you out there!


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