image.jpgWith a long work night ahead of me, I sat in my office and drank
another black coffee. I had had a hard time this morning coming up with“all white” dress wear for tonight’s lawn party, and the day was growing long.  Lately it has been getting time consuming to get ready for work.  Over the last two weeks I had lost another two pounds and a lot of my once beloved clothes were getting too big.  It is bittersweet.   On one hand I am so happy that  I have lost over 40 pounds,  but on the other hand, as I stand  in front of my closet with a growing number of “rejects” it is starting to get freakin’ frustrating to find something to wear.

I have a very old house with crazy weird closets, and some of the clothes racks are way in the back with no electricity.  You sort of feel your way around for what you want or sometimes I even search  with a flashlight.  Either way, it is an aerobic workout to get something out of the “way back”only to be bagged, tagged and dragged to Good Will.

There must be a more “Red Shoe Life” way of organizing clothes that fit
during the stages of my transformation.  My journey is taking place over the course of an entire year, and that is a long time to wear yoga pants!

I thought about this quite a bit today.   Maybe it was on my mind because my white skirt was pinned to my bra and it really wasn’t working.  Maybe it was  due to my Maidenform making its own orbit and really didn’t fit forward or backwards at this point.  Honestly, however, I think it was because I mentally tallied the cost of the clothes now lying in a pile in the hall and I think it could have made a dent in the national debt.

What I came up with is really still percolating, but just might solve this problem.  I wanted to be able to have inexpensive stuff to wear while losing weight and find a place where I can get a few $$ for my old stuff.  So here is what I’m thinking…what if my BLOG had a side hustle online store called “Down Sizing” where all of you Red Shoe Life
Transformers can trade your stuff?  I think it would be awesome! As we all “down size” it would just be so cool to find a few things to get you through to your next size and not spend an arm and both legs.

I’d really like to hear from you to see if anyone is interested in this plan to take over the world!  Please leave me your thoughts in the comment area, and I’ll try not to spill anything on this white skirt… I may figure out how to list it tomorrow!


Author: redshoelifetransformation

Life and Wellness Coach, Author, Motivational Comedian

3 thoughts on “Down-sizing”

  1. I’m in! I have been on a red shoe journey for 3 years now and have such cute clothes for work that are too big and would have to be completely re-made if I had them altered. Great idea!

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