A Pirate’s Rant

image.jpg“Deb, you realize you are missing a hoop earring?” Monica said.

How fitting, showing up to work dressed as a pirate, as I feel like I might mutiny at any moment…. visions of me atop the roof of the Roadside Mini Cooper Dealership, waving the tie of the pompous ass hat that billed me $130 for an oil change this morning… I am out for revenge.

“Oh Deb, that is not the Red Shoe way,” you might say.

Well, today my Red Shoes are thinking about kicking something.

So, pool guys… I’ve got your number and if you don’t call me back today, I will be calling the BBB. That goes for the construction guys that have installed a faulty hardwood floor, but can’t manage to show up for an appointment, as well. My pirate blood is boiling.

Guys, patients, kindness, consideration is definitely part of a Red Shoe Life, but as you all can imagine, there are times we need to stand up for ourselves. Please remember, there is a correct way of doing things to get what you want, but in achieving our Red Shoe Life, we cannot be doormats.
Be assertive. Say what you mean. Write everything down. Take photos. Stay calm…. and if that doesn’t work, sharpen your saber, gather your crew and declare a mutiny!

Author: redshoelifetransformation

Life and Wellness Coach, Author, Motivational Comedian

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