Ogling Googling!

I don’t know how I ever knew anything before Google.  In fact, I really don’t know anything now either, it’s just that I don’t memorize anything anymore.   I know that if I forget something,  I can just Google it again.  I look things up on my computer, my iPad and on my Smart TV.  I try NOT to look things up on my phone, though,  the damn thing is so small it drives me crazy trying to scroll back and forth to read an entire article, but if I sit still long enough, it is guaranteed that I will be researching something.

I must say, however, it is AMAZING what a person can learn if you look it up.  It’s not like it used to be where you borrowed a few books from the Library, read a paragraph or two about your subject and drew your conclusion from there.  Now-a-days, I start out researching “How to Grow Tomatoes” and end up booking a wedding at the Elvis Chapel in Vegas!   I don’t know how it happens… I just sort of get sucked in.  For me, information is addicting.

Now, the point of my post tonight is about Anti-Googling.  I have met so many people, for example, who get news from their physicians, and are not interested in finding out all they can about it.  Even MORE ridiculous are physicians, such as my rheumatologist, who claimed never to have heard of things like gluten causing inflammation.  Is your computer broke, man?  If I were a specialist in some field, I think I would Google EVERYTHING about it, so I could make better decisions.

When I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease, and was told that I needed to return frequently for blood tests because once you have one auto-immune disease, it is a downward spiral to getting more of them, I freaked out!  Start out with RA and then your Thyroid blows, and maybe you end up with Lupus…  you get the picture.  I thought it was a crock of crap, and the more they thought I had, the more prescriptions they gave me.  I would show up week after week with ideas and questions that resulted in a lot of head shaking.  Finally I found Google.   There was so much information available, I didn’t come out of my office for days!   I am not saying that everything you research will be true, but if you stick to the heavy hitters, you are at least going to be headed in the right direction.

Fortunately for me, I Googled… and Googled and Googled.  I have been researching Alzheimer’s Disease, Cancer, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diabetes for about 8 years now.  Not a little bit…  A LOT… and there is new information coming out everyday.  Guys, this is my Red Shoe Life and I have the power!  Although scientists and medical professional have been searching for the cure for these diseases for many years, people keep getting sicker. No matter how much money is raised or allotted by the government for research, we are not any closer to a medical miracle than when we started.  Why don’t people ask their doctors questions?  Take a paper/pen with you, write down what they say and go home and check it out.  Read all the paperwork that comes with a prescription and find out about the side affects.  Holy crap, when a side affect says it causes restless legs and uncontrollable gambling, I think I’d look for a better way to help my constipation!

This is your Red Shoe Life and you have the right to take control of your health.  You have the right to question your doctor and you have the right to research other paths.  If your doctor isn’t willing to answer your questions and consider alternatives, then get a new doctor.  Remember, you are their employer.  If you are not getting the right service…. FIRE THEM!

Now, get out your cheaters, fire up the laptop and let those fingers fly!  This is your body and you have the right to know everything there is to know about your issues.  Google until you have an answer.  It may take some time.  You may get side tracked.  Just keep searching and searching and eventually you will hit gold.  Just remember, everything you read is not the truth, and be sure to stay out of Vegas!


Author: redshoelifetransformation

Life and Wellness Coach, Author, Motivational Comedian

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