Awesome News!

Hey Red Shoe friends! I have some very exciting news for you tonight.  I have been waiting a very long time to share this news with you, but wanted to wait until the time was right.  As you know, I have been posting a lot of stories about the craziness that seems to happen to me on a regular basis.  You all have shared in my comedic adventures as I rolled down waterfalls, scale mountains and tackled my “Last Woman Standing” remodeling projects at my house.  I hope you have enjoyed them!  Some of you have written to me saying how my messages have gotten you thinking about your own Red Shoe Life and have gone after goals that had long since been forgotten.  I am so proud of you!

I wanted to save this part of my transformation until later in my BLOG because I wanted you to know that the Red Show Life Transformation is a change of your TOTAL life, which includes many facets.  Your transformation should be complete and include everything from relationships, career, health, fitness, wealth, spiritual and fulfillment.  It is a total package and one part of your life cannot be transformed without the other.

My big news tonight is about the part of my transformation that involves my health.  Approximately 7 years ago, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.  My RA was so debilitating at one point that I could barely move my feet or hands.  It changed the course of my career as a massage therapist and it did a number on my weight, my mental health and basically my entire life.  Steroids and Methotrexate are the Devil.   Local doctors, if you could get an appointment, were useless and only wanted to give me more drugs.  They didn’t listen to me and I would spend almost every three weeks in the ER with one type of infection or other.  My frustration was overwhelming.  The prescriptions all had side effects that created needs for more prescriptions.  It was a downward spiral and there wasn’t anyone that could help.  Once I was not able to jump buildings in a single bound, I stopped participating in the things I used to love, such as martial arts and working on my farm.  For those of you who do not know about RA, it is an autoimmune disease, very different from other types of arthritis.  While some types of arthritis deteriorate a particular joint, RA attacks every part of your body that has a “lining” such as your joints, your lungs, brain, heart etc.

My search for a serious solution came earlier this year when I was in a doctor’s office with swollen ankles (again) and while checking me out, they couldn’t find a heart beat.  Now, I sure as hell could swear I had one, but I had so much fluid on my heart and lungs, they couldn’t even do a EKG.  It was hard to breathe, and I was so damn tired.  Doctors and doctors later it was blamed on my RA and I was handed another long list of prescriptions.  I had had enough.  I started doing even more research (which is really saying something since I am always searching for an answer).  I knew that conventional doctors were not going to help me, so I started looking at other options.

It was March that I decided to try a holistic doctor and I plunked down most my entire year’s bonus with a doctor who actually agreed with all of my research and strategies.  They are a very informed group and I am thankful for the push I needed to put my theories in motion.  I be supplements, anti-inflammatory foods, intermittent fasting and exercise and am feeling so much better!

My big news you ask?  Yesterday on my weekly visit, I am officially down 40 pounds since March and have whittled my waist and my prescription collection down to just one a day.  I am so excited to share my own success with my Red Shoe Life clients, as I am proving that I am truly not just “talking the talk!”.

So what does this mean for you?  Glad you asked!  Starting this weekend I will be showing off my new Website.  It will contain my diet plans with delicious recipes,  exercise tidbits, and cooking videos with some of the best chefs in Memphis!  I will share all of the research I have found regarding reducing your inflammation, fighting auto-immune diseases and overall health.  Stay tuned for some wild interviews with  outrageous people living their Red Shoe Life and come along with me as I visit local wellness centers for their expert advice! Along with all of that fun,  I will be sharing my progress on the website as my weight loss continues and hopefully all of you Red Shoes will cheer me on!

As always, I will be posting about all of my daily shenanigans in my never ending quest for my Red Shoe Life right here on my BLOG and I hope you will continue to share it with your friends!  I have been very excited to see that the posts are being read all over the world and I  wonder what people in Greece, Australia and Africa think about the weird stuff that happens in here in Memphis!  Haha!  See you tomorrow!   Deb


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Life and Wellness Coach, Author, Motivational Comedian

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