Somewhere on a beach

Hey guys…  it surely was a hot one today.  I believe it was close to 100 degrees, but who could tell?  My glasses were so fogged up when I came out to my car, I nearly took a header into the Handicapped Parking sign while trying to wipe the lenses on the sleeve of my shirt.  It seems like weeks since my trip and I’m looking down the barrel of a long Manager on Duty weekend.

I guess I could crank about it a little more, but instead, since I’m trying to transform my life, I will do something else.  (Imagine that!)

Tonight, I am making a lovely green tea with crushed iced and a little snack of macadamia nuts.   I walked down to the garden and picked some fresh mint and stuck a sprig in my festive margarita glass.  I am the Queen of Theme, so of course I have little paper umbrellas handy and in it went.  Did I stop there?  Hell no!  Next came  some jammin’ Beach Boy music while I did a few weights, and then dug way down in my relaxing music collection for a little Israel Kaanaoi Kamakawiwoole, otherwise known and “Iz” or my favorite Keola and Kapono Beamer. (Fantastic Hawaiian artists).

Finally, as you should do each day, I simply played some rhythmic sounds of the ocean, and meditated for just a short while where I found peace and quiet.

Although I am here in Memphis, I can still be somewhere on the beach in spirit. So until tomorrow when the alarm clock rings, I can think about sipping carb free beverages on the beach with warm white sands and no Handicapped Parking signs!



Author: redshoelifetransformation

Life and Wellness Coach, Author, Motivational Comedian

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