In with the new..

Some of you know that I have been on a year’s trek of Transformation.  It  suddenly occurred to me that I needed to make quite a few changes in my life, if I had any intentions of completing the long list of things on my Bucket List.  I had been guiding people for many years to achieve their Red Shoe Life, but never took time to make my own plan.  Finally, I have decided to start walking the walk instead of just flapping my jaws.  It isn’t going to be easy, but starting is half the battle.

I will be discussing the many aspects of living an optimum life and how my transformation is progressing in future BLOGS, but tonight I wanted to chat with you  about how you live.  HOW you live is not necessarily who you live with, or where your house is located.  The size or price of your home is irrelevant and it doesn’t matter if you own it or rent it. Tonight I am talking about the quality of HOW you live.

My home is actually a small hobby farm where I live with my family and a bunch of miniature farm animals.  My farm is located in the South of the United States, where it feels like a hot steamy towel is on your head most days and by August it is so hot your flip flops melt on the sidewalk.  This climate, therefore, grows everything super fast and makes it is nearly impossible for me to maintain my gardens, lawn and shrubbery.  I love to work in the yard and grow my own veggies, but the weeds grow so fast, I’m afraid to go to sleep!  By the time we finish mowing the back of the house, the front has grown so tall the cats go missing.  The wisteria has claimed so many of our pool chairs, we can’t sit down without a machete.  It is an uphill battle and is very frustrating.

The house itself is 100 years old and originally came from an older part of Memphis and was moved here when a highway was paved through the original property.  Although it has charm and “personality” it also is a money pit which mimics the yard.  By the time you fix one thing, another thing has gone haywire costing just short of the National Debt. Couple this mess with six kids and a full time job, and you can see how it can get out of control.  Living a Red Shoe Life should never feel out of control.  Being unorganized in your home causes a chain reaction in other areas of your life.  It can make you sick, depressed, unproductive, and miss out on opportunities because you were not prepared to move forward.  You need to spend time each week getting ready for upcoming events and tackle issues as they come along instead of piling them up for another day.  When you procrastinate, it eventually becomes overwhelming.  You should always be ready.  Ready for work, ready to have fun and ready to live  every day to it’s Red Shoe potential. Make sure you have emergency supplies and for cryin’ out loud, put some food in your dang fridge!  You are not homeless, so stop living like you are!  Plan for more than just the moment and eventually you will have so much more time for other things when you are not always in a panic.If you are like me, you may be able to function for a long time in a dysfunctional state,  not really failing, but not living the Red Shoe Life.  Eventually you will come to realize, you would feel so much better if you could just find two of the same shoes and your car keys.

So, I have set out on a quest to tame this beast of a homestead and declare myself Queen of  the Chaos.  Armed with contractor’s bags, a weed wacker and 2 dozen cans of Valspar Irish Linen, I’m going in!

If you do not see a BLOG from me for a few days, check out by the pool, I’ll be in the pile of wisteria shaped like a lawn chair.



Author: redshoelifetransformation

Life and Wellness Coach, Author, Motivational Comedian

3 thoughts on “In with the new..”

  1. You must have been writing this one with me in mind. I’m so over the chaos. I need a red shoe transformation!


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