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Hardly a day goes by when I do not find some sort of animal to chat with.  It is uncanny how they seek me out.  This week I was sitting on basically a deserted beach and a VERY friendly dog came bouncing through the sand to plant a big fat wet one right on me.  Not that I minded, it was just a little too friendly and very unexpected!  I laughed at his silly slobbery face and told him that I usually never French kiss until the second date!  UGH!  The pup left as fast as he arrived and merrily splashed himself back to wherever he came from.   The other members of my group, who are also animal lovers, wondered why I alone was the recipient of such greetings! Perhaps animals just know that I love them, or maybe since I am doing the Keto diet, I smell like a giant hunk of meat!

About a month ago, I took a group to the Memphis Zoo to see the new baby hippopotamus.  The mama hippo and baby were right next to the glass and put on quite a great show.  So cute!


We moved through the exhibits and ended up at the giraffe area, just as feeding time began.  As you can see by the pic, that I got pretty close to one of the lovely ladies, but received an extra surprise when she started to lick my hair with her long black tongue!  Too weird!

giraffe 3

I do know that I enjoy animals in my life, and I find it a great comfort to talk to sheep, joke around with my chickens or have deep conversation with my Sheltie, Maisie.  She always seem to know how I am feeling and does everything she can to help me feel better.   She even let’s me have the remote control.  I often wonder what is wrong with people who claim to NOT like animals…  They just don’t know what they are missing.  I see all the good that Pet Therapy animals do each day, and what a difference a visit will do for a sick person.  I am very glad that animals and I get a long so well!

I think that animals can sense the real person that you are.  They know a phony when they see one which is why you will find dogs in particular, who will growl or hide from a particular person in a crowd.  I believe it is the vibrations that a person gives off.   The signals you send out will depend on how others will react to you.  Your body language, your facial expressions and the tone in your voice will send a clear message before your words are even considered.

Living a Red Shoe Life has a lot to do with reaching your goals.  If your goals involve promotions, opening businesses or just interacting with other people (or animals) you might want to pay close attention to the vibes you are sending out. Practicing positive word choices, eye contact and receptive body language will send out great vibrations and convince the recipient of your attention that you are truly a Red Shoe Whisperer.

dovePracticing eye contact.

If you are not getting what you are wanting from your Red Shoe Life situations, step back and take a look at yourself and see what everyone else is seeing.  So unless you are shooting for a career at the IRS, scowling, crossing your arms, wearing a super villain’s costume, might not get the results you are looking for.

Straighten up, think positive, be confident… your vibes will be bouncing off the ceiling.. and if that doesn’t work.. put a hamburger in your pocket.




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