My Salt Life

As you know, all good New Yorkers end up in Florida which is why I have so many relatives in the Sunshine state.  I have spent the entire last week traveling from the Atlantic Ocean  to the the Gulf of Mexico and from Little Cuba to the Panhandle.  I can honestly say I could get used to the Salt Life.  I love the bedlam of cultures, the fresh fruits and of course, the New Yorkers.  I heard that familiar accent, so absent from my Memphis life, and it felt like home. With that said, I will admit that there are a few drawbacks. I have sand in unmentionable places, my henna has had it, and I can’t fit any more little shampoos in my purse.  Will I retire to Florida, buy a boat and write my Blog from the beach? It is something to think about.

Living a Red Shoe Life means you position yourself to have “options” and think them all the way through.   Anything is possible with a plan.

Whether you’re thinking about  living in a marina like my friend Michelle, or becoming a pirate like my shipmate, Robert, living a Salty Red Shoe Life  is certainly possible as long as you think it through, stock up on sunscreen and keep the sand out of your unmentionables!


Author: redshoelifetransformation

Life and Wellness Coach, Author, Motivational Comedian

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