Move Your Buns!

My anxiety was really climbing even though I was intermittently having out of body experiences and was using deep breathing techniques.  The single line of tight kneed patrons thread up and down the aisles of the Alabamian truck stop as the mop armed cashier apologized for having only one working toilet.  So much for their name “Taj Ma-stall”.

As I leaned from foot to foot a tattooed mama got in line behind me with a huff.  She had one sweaty kid on her hip and another one stuck up her ass. (been there, done that).  She grimaced an acknowledgement of my presence and there we stood with what I thought was me empathizing with her plight.

Suddenly her he-man counter part stormed up to her, demanding, “What the hell are you DOING?”

“You told me to git hot dogs!”

“This is the line to the bathroom! He sputtered with the fur from his back waving as he pointed towards the rear of the store.

“I know THAT” she stomped, “it’s just that SHE is in the way of the buns!!! ”

WTH ???  Why didn’t she say so??? She could have had their lunch ten minutes ago!

I looked at the woman and stepped aside so she could grab the weiners with her free hand.

I just shook my head, but it started me thinking about many times  I had wanted to say something.but just didn’t.  Why? Who knows? Maybe it was just because I thought it was easier not to stir the pot, no matter the inconvenience to myself.  So worried to make waves, I’d play referee and always take the calmest course.  No squeaky wheel here.

Ok, with this new perspective, it looks like I need to work on some things.  First off,  I’ll try to say what I mean when it needs to be said. I’m not talking about becoming rude or demanding. I’m just talking about grabbing my buns when I need to grab them  without mincing words or fluffing up my back hair!

Living a Red Shoe Life means being in control of yourself and if you are not getting what you want, put both hands on your buns and ask for it!




Author: redshoelifetransformation

Life and Wellness Coach, Author, Motivational Comedian

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