Road Trip

My bags were packed, all set to go.  The rent-a-car looked like something from Mad Max Beyond Thunder Dome with all of our gear strapped to the top, and was appropriately called Nissan “Rogue”.  The hatchback was squeezed closed with only a small porthole for rearview vision and with all the electronic devices plugged in, I was ready to roll.

road trip

The house was secured and the mega Excel spreadsheet of pet feeding and sprinkler setting  was taped to the fridge.  Between the electric fences, killer attack sheep and the weak bladdered 125 pound dog, the list of volunteers was very short.  Thankfully, every day the roster was full of willing participants at the house, so I had no worries.  (Thank you guys!)

So my newest adventure began and I really did a lot of preparation for this trip.  Some of the biggest challenges of being on the road, beside the other passenger’s choice of music and fighting over the charging ports, is being at the mercy of restaurant food and the ritual of snacking in the car.  I have not progressed to the point where I can do a long road trip without pouting about snacks, so I packed my cooler with homemade iced green teas, cut up veggies and travel packs of guacamole.   I will say I did miss the CHOCOLATE and the Pringles, but I brought a bag of pork rinds and raw nuts, so I didn’t miss it that much.  Hell, I used to break open the goodies before I even left the driveway.  This was going to put me to the test. 


Being on a trip might not be as easy as eating at home, but so far so good.  Another couple of tips is I packed my own heavy cream in the cooler and stevia for coffee during the trip, along with a couple of fresh lemons to add to my bottled water.  Now I wish you could have seen me trying to squeeze the damn lemon into my water bottle at 80 miles an hour, so I do suggest you doctor up your stash when you make a pit stop.

Unforeseen extra hours of traffic delivered me to my first stop three hours late.  Normally this would have sent me into psycho-space, but I have been practicing controlled road rage and was very proud that I arrived with all of my hair


Tonight finds me tired, but triumphant in locating the hotel gym and put in some quality time with my friend the treadmill.  I forgot my ear buds, so I just talked to myself and winced at the view of the 4 walls of mirrors.  Geez! Somehow I feel like a different person though, I actually brought my sneakers for something more than comfort.  How exciting!

Tomorrow, after I check out of Barter Town, I’ll head further south to take on the challenge of relatives and holiday celebrations with food.  There is a lot of beach walking and swimming during my trip, so hopefully if I fall off the “Rogue” wagon,    I’ll make up for it in sweat equity.  I’ll think of exercise as a “Master Blaster!”  Ok, enough Mad Max jabs, just keep in mind that with enough preparation and willpower, you can even survive “Thunder Dome!” (or family vacation, whatever you want to call it!)



Author: redshoelifetransformation

Life and Wellness Coach, Author, Motivational Comedian

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