Summer Heat and Turtlenecks…

car with luggage 3.jpg  Summer vacations really brings out my worst fears.  Oh there are the typical fears that most people have, such as did I turn off the iron?  Will the car over-heat, and, of course, will we be killed in our sleep if we pick the wrong hotel?  These are all worthy concerns, but there is something else that gives me cold sweats on even the hottest nights.  I have traveled all over the world, and my fears are the same whether I am going to to Paris, TN or Paris, France.  It is the question on every woman’s mind:   “Does this make me look fat?”

I stressed so hard before going to my son’s wedding in Cancun, Mexico.  What the hell DO you wear to a beach wedding in July heat unless you are twenty and Twiggy?  I was so freaked out about what I would do if it was windy and my skirt blew up…  not that someone would see something inappropriate.. but they might see my fat thighs!!!  I wasn’t worried about my hair-do, I was horrified that my bat-wing arms might jiggle when I danced.   I seriously considered a turtle neck, but in the end I wore a floor length dress with a “shawl”.  Sigh…

This summer holiday season will find me on the sands of south Florida…. the land of sunshine and beautiful beaches.   Well, I’ll be AT the beach alright, but I’ll be buried somewhere in a pile of caftans and  cover-ups.   I don’t even own a pair of shorts, and my legs haven’t seen the light of day since high school.

Although I have lost about 40 pounds so far, I am still terribly uncomfortable with my body image.  I have no doubt that I will reach my goals and I plan to work my way into something a little more revealing than my uniform of black slacks and blazers.  As for this summer, about as wild as I’ll get is black capris!

Living a Red Shoe Life means being comfortable in your own skin.  It takes hard work to get where you are happy with yourself, and it isn’t the same for every person.  I see plenty of women who strut their stuff in all shapes and sizes, and I used to think “OMG, somebody lied to THAT woman!”; however, since trying to figure out my own Red Shoe Life, I have begun to change my mind about those ladies.  I honestly wish I could have that much confidence, though I will always still stick to my guns about leggings not being pants.

As I mentioned, not everyone’s Red Shoe Life looks the same, but I can tell you this; I will be liking myself a whole lot more when there is a whole lot less of me to like.  It’s not an issue, it’s a fact.  I’m not hung up about it.  It’s just the way MY Red Shoe Life is to me.  I may not know what to pack for the beach this year, or if the Hampton Inn has two-ply  toilet paper, but I DO know that on next year’s trip, I’ll know exactly what to wear!  (Anything I want!)


Author: redshoelifetransformation

Life and Wellness Coach, Author, Motivational Comedian

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