One Leg at a Time!

Last night we were sitting at home watching a movie.  I looked around and suddenly noticed that half the people in the room were rubbing their eyes and the other half had a blanket or pillow over their nose.  The source of the Napalm was my 125 pound sheepdog who was stinking up the universe.

Now this wasn’t just any kind of stink.  I live on a farm and believe me the dogs are usually in one state or another of odorous funk-ti-tude, but this had truly reached it’s ripeness!

So today, I gathered up all of the needed materials and called them to the shower.  I was just kidding the kids about using Oxy-clean, but I was really thinking hard about it.

Now Maisie Moonbeam, my little Shetland Sheepdog, is more of a moving target and although she gets clean, it is a total aerobic workout trying to keep her in the shower.  She bites at the spray hose and runs in circles until she skids on the tile and ends up against the wall like a kid on a Slip-n-Slide.  She then springs out of the room, shaking water as she goes and tries to dry off by rubbing up against all of the furniture before I let her outside


Maggie on the other hand, can barely fit into the shower and approaches it in an Eeyore type manner.  I have to shove her fat ass in and she usually manages to wedge her legs against the door like a barricade.  Once in the stall, she completely gives up hope and miserably sits there with the water spraying down on her head.  Although she doesn’t run around, she doesn’t MOVE either, which makes me have to bathe her, one 500 pound leg at a time.   First I choose a place to wash, hold the spray hose and put the bottle of shampoo in my elbow trying to squeeze out a handful of bubbles for each “section” of dog.  At one point she shifted her tonnage and pointed the hose straight out of the shower and into my face.  I am NOT a fan of bathing the dogs.

This decontamination process went on and on until I finally just got into the shower with her with no hope of staying dry.  I soaped and rubbed until the water stopped being the color of turds and I thought that most parts of her were clean. Maggie is like a giant Q-tip and holds enough water in her crazy long hair to cross the Sahara.

Doggone!  I wiped down the shower, took a load of towels to the laundry, changed my clothes and then sat outside on this beautiful day with a glass of iced green tea and my clean dogs.   My accomplishments made me feel great and I just hoped they didn’t roll in anything before we went back inside.

Bathing Maggie is a huge challenge for me, and not one that I enjoy, but when I put my mind to it, it doesn’t end up half as bad as I think it is.  I find this to be true with most things I dread doing and after defeating my challenge, I am always happier for completing it.  I do not have a great pearl of wisdom to give you about how to accomplish big tasks except to go ahead and get started!  Doing the thing you dread most first, is the best policy.  Be systematic about it.  Get all needed supplies in advance so you are not exhausted from the hunt, wear waterproof shoes, and when it’s a really stinky job…tackle it one leg at a time!

Jenn and Mags

My friend Jennifer and Maggie!

Author: redshoelifetransformation

Life and Wellness Coach, Author, Motivational Comedian

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