Be the Captain!

“Be the Captain of your destiny, not a prisoner of your wishful thinking!”  What a great quote!  I wish I had thought of it! HA!  Truly, I love this quote.  How much time have I wasted wishing for things.  Oh,  I wished I was… taller, blonder, richer, thinner…. had more sheep, etc.  When my kids were babies, I honestly wished I had some little job where I could be around people and wear cool earrings.  Now that I have that job, I wish that I could spend more time with my kids!  Ridiculous!

Wishing for things is a lot like whining.  It is an expenditure of energy that could be used for something else.  If you are not happy with what you are doing…  change it.  Don’t waste another minute wishing something would happen.  Set your mind to it and make it happen.

For example, perhaps I was wishing that I lived at the beach and had a little craft shop… I’m just sayin’…  just because my OTHER sister lives at the beach and has a little craft shop and a lovely yellow boat, and a tan… it’s not that I’m jealous or anything!

But let’s just say that I spend all my time thinking about living at the beach, searching for driftwood and drinking fruity beverages.  Using all of my energy wishing for something instead of DOING something about it is unproductive.   It is not a healthy thing to expend energy wanting to change your situation unless you use that energy making plans to fix it.  Now, let’s face it, the part of my dream where I am dressed like Bo Derek and I am running on the beach during my lunch break, is NEVER going to happen, but there are other options that might be acceptable.  For instance, instead of running on the beach,  perhaps, I could substitute WALKING on the beach, and instead of a tiny red swimsuit,  I could be dressed like Gilligan.   I think I could be happy with that.  Reality Reality Reality!

I tell my clients that it is all well and good to say that they want to “live at the beach”, but to make it happen, they have to figure it out.  Create a timeline and write it down. Just wishing for something doesn’t make it happen.  You have to get more specific.   For example, on WHICH beach do you see yourself ? WHEN would you like to be there? Does this involve cabana boys?  HOW will you pay for this lifestyle?  Making your plan more specific creates a path from A to B.  The energy and time spent planning your goal is a positive energy rather than a negative one.

Having goals is part of a Red Shoe Life, as well as setting up your plan to make them a reality.   If “living at the beach” is your long term goal,  you must assign yourself all the steps in between and work towards that goal each day until it is real.  Progress is an addicting thing,  and once you are on a roll, it is like a steam engine!  Setting up your plan is the first step.  As soon as you start making progress you can begin to feel the sand between your toes!

Of course, “living at the beach” is a mete-fore for whatever it is that you are wishing for. When you decide that the beach is what you really want, you must make your beach life your  #1 priority. You will be amazed of all the things you can accomplish if you are not wasting time wishing.  Be the Captain of your destiny and get that sunscreen ready!  Stand back fellas, I’m dusting off my coconuts and headed for the boardwalk.   My craft shop is waiting and remember, sometimes your Red Shoe Life may include a palm tree and a pair of  red flip flops!

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Author: redshoelifetransformation

Life and Wellness Coach, Author, Motivational Comedian

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