It’s the Thrill of the Doing!

Kudzu and creativity have a lot in common.  They both can grow too fast, and if you are not mindful, can choke the life right out of you!

I am a lover of all things creative.  I am awed by other people’s ideas, and I love trying new things just to see how they will turn out.  Pinterest is the Devil and has at times possessed me do things I wouldn’t normally do in the name of art.  Dumpster diving for instance is disgusting, dangerous, and downright ridiculous, unless, of course, there is a needed treasure at the bottom….. and then I’m the first one in!

I suppose my intense love of creative things has led me to my career as a Programs Director for seniors, where I get to have fun, dress up and invent things for people to do each and every day.  There is something amazing scheduled every hour on the hour, day in and day out.  My co-workers say I look like a mad scientist when I am designing the monthly calendar and only come up for air when it is done.  I go to extreme lengths to provide the coolest crap, and I am proud that my activities may help someone who is having a rough day.  I can still remember the moment when I realized that there was such a career, AND THEY PAY YOU! There isn’t another job on this planet that suits me better.  It’s awesome.

The drawback of this type of personality, is creativity can get out of hand.  The projects start adding up, and suddenly there isn’t enough hours in the day to even make a dent.  I wake up on my days off and start making a “to do” list.  The list is long and I begin twirling around trying to “enjoy” all of it, but by lunch, I’m starting to panic because I’m not making any progress.  I don’t really have anything completed as I move from project to project and it is hard to explain WHY I don’t have anything to show for all of this clutter!  There are days that I look around the house and become overwhelmed by all the projects waiting for me.  It is also a problem to others.  My family doesn’t always enjoy my love of creativity and really just want their garage back!   Yes, I need it all, and YES… I want it ALL!  Dang guys, it’s not like I’m smokin’ crack!  It’s just fabric!

It wasn’t until I was talking to one of the ladies at work, who is also a maniac crafter, that I was set straight on the subject of projects.  She told me that she had countless things that she flitted to when the mood was right, and that she finished what she felt like, and didn’t when she didn’t.  “The thrill of being creative, is not in the manufacturing of products.” she said. “It is in the thrill of the DOING!”

I had to really think about what she said.  Of course! It was so simple.  It is the fun and excitement of doing something new, of working with my hands, of using my brain, and the touch of the materials.  It was the choosing of the colors, the experimentation of notes on an instrument, or the simple pleasure of working on something until I was satisfied.  It’s not the sweater, the framed art or the lovely little lap quilt that I am looking for in my search for a Red Shoe Life.  It is my wet knees WHILE I garden.  It is the sun on my back WHILE I paint in the yard and it is the ACT of searching for the perfect little blue bead in my tubbie full of baubles.  I finally could explain it!   Living a Red Shoe Life is absolutely in the DOING!

Living a Red Shoe Life means being mindful of the “now” and enjoying what you are doing while you are doing it.  There is no race.  There is no winner and there is no comparing your Red Shoe Life to anyone else’s.  Enjoy what you love.  DO what you love, for as long as you love it.  Be creative…  but be sure to keep the Kudzu out of the garage!


Author: redshoelifetransformation

Life and Wellness Coach, Author, Motivational Comedian

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