They say Zombies eat brains….

Recently I saw a meme that said “They say zombies eat brains…  so you’re safe!”  I actually laughed out loud when I read it and  if you were with me at Walmart last night, you would say I was definitely in the safe zone. Don’t get me wrong, you can find me in Walmart on any given day.  I do enjoy a one-stop shop, and getting  good cardio sprinting from hair dye to green beans, but there seems to be some sort of cosmic pull to the “dark side” as soon as you walk into the building.

As I was collecting my basket of booty (pirate slang there) I started noticing my fellow shoppers.  Usually I zip in and out, but since I have been a Life Coach, all I can see is potential clients.  I suppose it’s like being a hair stylist (hair dresser, beauty operator, follicle therapist… I’m not hip enough to know which is the latest politically correct term) you start wanting to “fix” everyone’s “do”.  As I was saying, I started wondering exactly what would I say to some of these people….   ok, the first thing would be “Leggings are not pants”.. but besides that,  I wanted to definitely point out that they were not using their brains when it came to making good consumer choices.

I know your thinking: “Hey now Deb, you are quite the chunky monkey yourself!”  I get it, but if you haven’t seen me lately, I have made a few changes.

If my career in the senior citizen industry has taught me one thing, it’s that everything you do your entire life has consequences.  It is never too late to start living a Red Shoe Life, but some of the things we have done in our past will definitely haunt us.  Want to talk about sunscreen? I know many seniors who wished they had worn a hat.  Want to talk about dialysis? I know far too many seniors who wished they hadn’t used NSAIDs, Speaking of Zombies; are you still using artificial sweeteners? I’ll introduce you to some folks who wish it was never invented and don’t get me started on the not so old seniors who don’t even have enough muscle to get up out of a chair.

We have all heard this  before.  The labels on things are as clear as day and as long as your arm.  After using most of this stuff,  the “Walking Dead” wouldn’t want your brain anyway.   In my quest for a Red Shoe Life, I finally said “no more”.  It wasn’t easy to purge the harmful things from my life, but unless you do, there will be consequences.  Do I feel better?  Definitely!  I can now carry in my groceries without straining my leggings, get up from YOGA without a paramedic and I don’t jiggle as much, but overall the biggest change is that I feel “empowered”.  I still shop at Walmart, but I am no longer one of those people mindlessly grabbing things off the shelves because of the alluring ads on the front.  I read the labels and make better decisions.  I think about the consequences and the benefits of using certain products and try to make intelligent choices.  I purposefully schedule exercise and all of the other important parts of a Red Shoe Life into each day, making my wellness my #1 priority.  I know it is working because I feel great and because of my conscious efforts to live a Red Shoe Life, I am sure I will be able to outrun even the fastest zombies!!!

Until tomorrow, Deb.

zombie deb and lisaBrains- zombies


Author: redshoelifetransformation

Life and Wellness Coach, Author, Motivational Comedian

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