Kiss My Grits!

“Well, Kiss My Grits!” is what I should have been saying as I left the house  dressed as Flo the waitress at Mel’s Diner.  It was our Rock and Roll 50’s dance night at work, and we were expecting a big crowd.  Normally these types of functions are a barrel of fun, but there had been a lot of extra stuff going on, and I was feeling a little crispy around the edges.

As the dance progressed, I dragged many willing participants to the dance floor  and my feet were starting to holler.  Oh, it wasn’t just my saddle shoes.   It was  the oversize  cat-eyes specs, the scratchy tulle scarf twisted around my neck  and the sparkly pink headband that was squeezing the front part of my head to look like a peach.  I was having so much fun,  but it was time to go home!  The week had been long and I was needing a little “one with the universe” time.

There was a full moon tonight, and the weather was perfect.  All I wanted to do was enjoy my farm, grab a few blueberries and howl.  Spirituality is a requirement for living a Red Shoe Life, and it is the only requirement that completely evades me.  It is said that spirituality is not necessarily religion and that it is meaningful to each person in a different way.  Well hell’s bells, if no one knows what it is, then how do I know if I’m doing it right?!?

After spending a great deal of time trying to figure out what Spirituality means to me, I started my walk through my pasture under a glorious full moon.   I would try to be positive and think happy thoughts.  Short of flying like Peter Pan, I felt I had a pretty good shot of figuring it all out.  Nature, perfect weather, celestial presence… it was all here.

I donned my forehead flashlight and changed out the battery on the DeWalt.  I slipped out the backdoor and made it to the garden’s edge without being molested by pets.  The moon was bright, though it didn’t help me much as I ran face first into a web hanging from our banana trees.  I’m not a squealer, but I’m also not a fan!

The light on my headlamp suddenly shut off and I spent the next 50 feet simultaneously squeezing  buttons to get it to turn back on and navigating  the garden hoses filling the pool.  No worries, I still had the big flashlight and my cell phone just in case.  I am not afraid of the dark, but I always bring the phone (Preparedness) in case I lock myself in the barn. Frankly, it is not glamorous to squeeze out of the chicken hatch.

As I walked,  I could hear frogs and other nasties singing from our Lochness of a swimming pool and I pulled the hood up on my sweat jacket to ward off bats.   I tried not to think about  yard work that needed to be done, or how late it had gotten.  I stared at the moon and waited to FEEL something.  I bugged my eyes out and looked HARDER.  Nope.  All I felt was kinda itchy and the pool water was making me have to “go”.

After what felt like the appropriate amount of time, I decided that tonight was not the night and headed back to the barn.   I raise sheep and chickens and wanted to check on things before going back to the house.  I set my basket of supplies down while I fumbled with the garden gate and suddenly my forehead light snapped back on and I realized I was face to face with several of my cutie ewes.  They were waiting for me and were really glad to see me.  At that moment, perhaps I felt spirituality.  I felt a warmth between myself and the creatures of the earth and how special it was that we all ended up here to work and live together.  Like the dance tonight, we all have our own rhythm.  Some move fast, some move slow, but it all works together like a giant beehive.  Not sure if I got the right idea, but I am on a path to figure it out.  Living a Red Shoe Life makes you realize that there are things at work bigger than yourself and perhaps while you are working on your RSL, you’ll figure out what that is.

Another famous quote from Flo, “Simmer Down Now!”,  makes me think that perhaps you can’t force Spirituality.  You can’t magically make it appear.  These things take time and we need to be mindful and simmer down to let it happen.  Listen to music, take a walk, meditate, pray, do Tai Chi… whatever it is that is spiritual to you, take the time to do it daily.  If the world won’t give you time… take control of your Red Shoe Life, and tell them to “Kiss Your Grits!”

50's chicksheepy





Author: redshoelifetransformation

Life and Wellness Coach, Author, Motivational Comedian

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