My Motto: Be Prepared!

There are two ends of the preparedness spectrum that I would like you to consider as you read this post.  At one end you have my obsession with canned goods, and the other end is my 17 yr. old twins who are Boy Scout camp tonight without sleeping bags.

I guess it all began for me around the the time of the Millennium.  I started worrying about world catastrophe and my family’s survival.  According to the experts at the stroke of midnight as the year 2000 rolled in, all computers would misfire, malfunction, or melt down….  I can’t remember which, but it had to do with computers not being able to type three zeros.  Of course I knew the devastation of not being able to use my credit card, and it didn’t seem that bad, but it kept getting worse.  Although 2000 came and nothing happened, it seemed to start a chain reaction of craziness.   There was political unrest, wars with unidentifiable countries, racial tension, tornadoes, tsunamis, terrorists, killer bees, viruses and many other nasty things that Hollywood made songs about.  You name it and it was happening all around me.

I started watching shows about “prepping” and survival.  I took notes as two people were dropped into the wilderness and fought their way out from near death by eating pine cones.  I took notes as people built fortresses out of shipping containers and I even took notes when I watched a weekly show about two people who went into extreme places NAKED???  I’m sorry, but if it comes down to that…I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t make it.

Needless to say I stared hording canned goods, medical supplies, firearms and all types of weaponry.  My whole family is into martial arts, so we had everything from throwing stars to blow darts and we began booby trapping the yard.   Then I bought a farm and started raising farm-type animals.  This was no easy feat for this New York girl, but I was a quick learner.  I raised a garden, planted fruit trees and bought rain barrels.  I doubt I could ever bring myself to eat my sheep, but one sign of apocalypse and the rooster is a goner!

After that it was a downward spiral of prepper meetings and seminars about virus outbreaks, criminal outbreaks and basically every kind of scenario that would leave me in a Rambo outfit  up in the neighbor’s pine trees fighting off zombies!

It was never enough.  Each week there would be something else to prepare for and some other scare that would spin me in another direction, never really getting that feeling of being fully prepared.  When would I ever have enough stuff?  When would I be ready?

I finally had to draw the line, it was making me crazy.  I had to figure out how to live my Red Shoe Life and stop all the anxiety.   I finally made a tally of all of my duct tape, batteries and glow in the dark distress signals and wrote it all down.  I vowed to collect only a dozen of each item and call it quits.  At least I had a stopping point.  I had 12 cans of corn, 12 boxes of band aids, 12 hand grenades… you get the idea.  When I couldn’t think of anything else that I would need, I declared that I was DONE!  Now, as I use something, I replace it.  Done.  I don’t think about it any more.  I don’t worry about it anymore.  If there is a catastrophe that needs more than 12 rolls of toilet paper, I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Simple preparedness is a part of the Red Shoe Lifestyle.  There is no need to get crazy, but you must take your safety into your own hands.  Don’t think you will be coming to my house if the Walmart bread is gone, because I am not responsible for you.  You are responsible for you.  Some might say that they don’t have the money to prepare.  Not true, no matter your income.   I’m not talking about a bunker of stuff.  I’m talking about a flashlight, some candles, a few granola bars under your bed.  Start small.  Simple things like never leave your car on empty.  Keep your shoes by your bed.  Write down phone numbers in case you lose your phone.   Hell, maybe we need to start even smaller.   Make an extra car key or house key in case you lock yourself out.  Keep a small amount of cash on hand in case the ATM doesn’t work, and  take some comfy shoes with you in case you have to walk home! (I can testify that heels are not meant for this purpose!)

Moral of the story…  It is impossible to know what the future holds, but a person living a Red Shoe Life is  ready.  It is sorta like being a Girl Scout, always being prepared.. except without the Thin Mints…   or maybe I might need a box of Thin Mints (or 12)!!!


Author: redshoelifetransformation

Life and Wellness Coach, Author, Motivational Comedian

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