Zumba, Zut Alors!

I am sure that zut alors used in the title is incorrect, but you get the gist of how I feel about Zumba.  Actually, I love the IDEA of Zumba, it’s just how I feel while I’m attempting Zumba.

I once described my dance moves as M.C. Hammer trying to take off a girdle full of bees.  I’m all over the place, but zut alors, I have moves!  It doesn’t matter.  Most of the other people in the class were also hanging onto whatever dignity they have left while we vigorously tried to improve our “core”.

My adventure back into the public exercise arena was hard to get started.  It had been a very long time since I tried on a pair of yoga pants, and was woefully ill-equipped.

First there was the issue of sneakers, otherwise known in the South as “tennis shoes”.  Since I was determined to buy something with some substantial support, grandiose grip and stupendous style, I headed to “The Mall”.

Truth be told, I have a fear of “The Mall”.  It always seemed to be a place where I could be sucked into an alternate universe or  possibly  killed by droves of angry teens.  Even worse, everyone is always talking about. having my identity stolen…maybe not a bad thing.   Well, although I hadn’t ventured outside of Walmart in years, I needed new sneakers and I figured Arnold Schwarzenegger was  in there ready to sell me some.

Five seconds after hitting the first store, I realized this was not my world, and drove straight to Shoe Carnival where I bought a $39.00 pair of turquoise tennies.  They don’t jump high, swoosh when I walk or pump up for action, but they do match my new socks.. and that was good enough for me.

Next I needed tunes.  I had an iPOD,  I could neither load songs, make a playlist or even charge it up, since I had long ago lost the cord.  Grrrr..    Second purchase, charging cord and Blue Tooth headphones??  Are they called headphones… I don’t know.. they stick in my ears and play Brick House in my head.  I call them miracles!

So tonight, sporting all my new stuff and hoping not to stick out too much, I Zumba’d my way across the gym and parked my butt on the bleachers waiting for the class to begin.  At this point I realized I had sat in a giant puddle of hopefully water, and soaked my stretch pants and the bottom of my Memphis Tiger’s T-shirt through and through.  Great. So much for faking my way into letting people believe I was cool.  Sigh…

No worries gang!  My new attitude and my wet pants jumped up off that bench and boogied with the best of them.  I was leary that  I was too old for this, but the group was mixed and I wasn’t the worst or the best.  Ok, not even close to the best, but at least I didn’t fall down.

Ok, time for the moral of this story.  Part of an Optimum Life is Physical Wellness.  If you want to live a better life,  you gotta get out there and do something!  Anything.  I ask all of my Life Coach clients to choose a physical goal.  Each goal is unique to it’s chooser, but it should be something of an ultimate challenge.  Once they decide what they would like to achieve, we get a calendar and mark off smaller goals to get them from point A to point B.  As my boss always says….  “one bite at a time”.

My physical goal is to hike Havasu Falls in the spring of 2019.  Google it.  It’s amazin!  It is 10 miles to the bottom of the canyon with my camping pack.  I get to sleep in a hammock and frolic in beautiful aqua water.  Holy Crap,  did I pick quite a big goal.  I know it is achievable and if I can do THAT, I can do anything.  So, I have a lot of training to do. There will be strength training, endurance training… oh and the cool part is I get to buy hiking shoes!  I have laid out my workout plan with small goals leading all the way up to practicing 10 mile treks.   This month I have chosen to do a 5K.  It is certainly not 10 miles, but I gotta start somewhere.  Dream big, reach far, and Zut Alors, get off that couch!

sneaker pic


Author: redshoelifetransformation

Life and Wellness Coach, Author, Motivational Comedian

One thought on “Zumba, Zut Alors!”

  1. Brava on your Zumba challenge! It has become my lifeline of late and i CAN not recommend it more highly. I offer yet another challenge to you, my friend; come as my guest in MY class at MY gym. We have the best….the very best….Zumba teacher in this southern town and she won’t be here much longer. come join me within the next few weeks and we’ll dance our asses off…together. you know who this is. let me know if you’re up for it. and, FYI, love the way you write.

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