If the Shoe Fits…

Lions, tigers and bears, OH WTH???  I suddenly realized that the life I was living was EXACTLY like the Wizard of Oz!  Flying monkeys, herds of munchkins, bad fashion choices and even a couple of wicked biotches.  This was ridiculous! When I really started to think about it, it was almost comical.   I was spending my days with people who were “heartless”, “clueless”, “chicken shits” and definitely people who wanted to blow green smoke up my ass, pretending to be someone they were not.  Hell, I even have a little dog!

Just like the movie, I was running around asking everyone’s advice and never really finding the answers.  I knew I wasn’t getting where I wanted to go, and I sure as hell wasn’t getting any younger.  Who could I blame? Surely, it wasn’t a giant gust of wind with sailing chickens.  Then who’s fault was it and who could help me figure this out?  I spent a lot of time fussing around and though I hated to admit it, the answer was clear. If I got myself into a life that didn’t thrill me, like Dorothy, I was going to figure out how to use my power to find the answers myself.  I didn’t need anyone, not even a fairy godmother.  All I needed was a plan… and a shiny pair of red shoes.

After many years of helping other people achieve their Optimum Life, I decided to take my show on the “Yellow Brick Road” and see where my own Transformation leads.  As a Life Coach, I would be happy to pack a bigger  picnic basket if you would like to join me.  If you are ready for YOUR Transformation, or you just want to cheer me on for mine, check out my Red Shoe Life Transformation Blog each day for tips, suggestions and overall comic relief.

Author: redshoelifetransformation

Life and Wellness Coach, Author, Motivational Comedian

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